When to File H1B Extension? H1B Visa Extension Processing Time, Fees

What matters is that the time of the H-1B visa extension, the priority date is not current. The cap refers to the limit on the number of individuals who can receive H-1B status every fiscal year. The gap is the period between the end of an individual’s F-1 status and the beginning of the individual’s H-1B status. The cap gap extension allows for some F-1 students to extend their F-1 status and/or authorized period of post-completion OPT until they transition to the H-1B status on Oct. The H-1B status is temporary employment authorization for a nonimmigrant who performs services in a specialty occupation. By law, timely filing of a request for an extension “locks in” the foreign national’s legal standing and capacity to work for the sponsoring employer for 240 days after the H1B status expires. DHS has confirmed that the petition must be approved in order to benefit from AC extensions.

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Stay informed of the latest legal news, alerts and business trends from Husch Blackwell. Husch Blackwell has launched a COVID-19 response team providing insight to businesses as they address challenges related to the coronavirus outbreak. The H-1B employee’s U.S. residence or place of abode is located in the area of the permanent worksite. ICS will provide the Posting Notice to the Department to physically post at any non-UF sites. The Department will have to provide a copy of the posting to ICS after the posting period. The department will be responsible for gathering all the information and documentation. Please see the Instruction Guide for Initiating H-1B Visa Petition (ufl.edu) and initiating the case in the Fragomen Connect Portal.

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Given the processing times listed above, individuals will need to decide which option is best for them. Remember that having a Work and Travel Permit does not affect the status of an H-1B visa unless the terms of the H-1B have been violated in some way –such as by changing jobs. However, a Work and Travel Permit can be used to continue employment in the event that an H-1B expires. Note that if you choose to use the Work and Travel Permit Employment Authorization Document to work, you will no longer be able to use your H-1B visa. Whether you are applying for the first time or renewing/extending your H-1B visa, the application process is quite similar.


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The six-year limit includes time in H-1B status with another employer. It may be possible to begin another six-year period in H-1B status after an individual has spent at least one year outside the U.S. If the employer/employee relationship ends, then the H visa class based on the job ends. You must leave the U.S. or another employer must file another H petition on your behalf for the new employment. There will be a visa fee of at least $190 for each machine-readable visa issued. Consulate, any specialized application procedures, processing time, and whether or not an appointment is required. Consulates, Embassies, and Ports of Entry may, in their discretion, choose to investigate any H visa application.

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